Correspondence & Requests

Speed Restrictions

Speed Restrictions - As you may be aware, Wrexham County Borough Council have an Executive Board agreed Policy to introduce 20mph zones outside all schools within the County Borough, in order to reduce and encourage lesser speeds in such areas. This programme of work, is continuing across the County Borough, and to date over 50 schools, and those areas immediately adjacent to them, have benefited from this work. These works also require the implementation of traffic calming works, where suitable, to ensure traffic speeds are maintained at suitable levels. Therefore I must inform you that funding for the implementation of 20mph zones and associated traffic calming schemes at locations other than those outside schools, is currently unavailable.

Clos Llewelyn (Apr 2014)

Investigations have discovered that Clos Llewelyn was never adopted by the local authority, this includes the street lighting. The developer no longer trades and therefore the adoption of the estate and its associated street lighting would have to be subject to a Private Street Works. Residents can contact the Clerk for more details.

Pay and Display car park

A resident asked, "Could Coedpoeth Community Council make the car park a pay and display car park? At least then some income would come in and it would stop excessive stay parkers from using the car park and free up some spaces for the genuine shoppers and visitors."

Reply from WCBC, "Wrexham Council does not have any plans at this time to make the car park at Coedpoeth a pay and display car park. I am aware that this has been proposed to our Elected Members and they do not wish to progress this at the present time."

Bus Shelters (Apr 2014)

Bus Shelters and additional Bus Shelter Seat in Coedpoeth.
The request for shelters has been added to an ongoing list of shelter requests for future consideration. I would not anticipate any further shelter installation for about 12 months due to funding. There are no plans currently to add a bench type seat to the shelter in High Street. (Wrexham Council).
Areas affected:

* Heol Glyndwr
* Heol Bryniog (2 stops)
* Heol Celyn (2 stops)
* Additional request for a seat to be put into the shelter on the High Street