Council Information

Who we are and what we do

Coedpoeth Community Council represents the community and is classed as the first tier of Local Government – nearest to the people.
The Council is limited in what it does by law in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972 and is subject to internal and external audit.
Fourteen local people, elected and co-opted, presently form the Coedpoeth Community Council.
Community Councillors are residents who stand for election because they care about Coedpoeth and wish to see a difference being made. They are not paid but are entitled to receive an allowance.

Elections for Councillors are held every four years.
The Council meets at least once a month at the Old Carnegie Library.
Coedpoeth residents have the opportunity to observe Council business at the meeting held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm.
The Coedpoeth Community Council manages an annual budget (Income and Expenditure of approximately £400,000 with assets totalling in excess of £1,700,000 which means that it is classed as a large Community Council in Wales.

The Council raised £167,300 from 2014/15 Council precept which is the equivalent of £98.76 for a band D property and this equates to only £1.90 per week per household – this was the first increase in five years. This precept remained unchanged for 2015/16 and for 2016/17.
The Council owns, manages and operates a Cemetery including Lodge, the Old Carnegie Library, the Parish Hall and provides street lighting and various sporting and recreational facilities.
The Council is consulted by the Planning Authority on all developments affecting the village.
The Parish Council provides annual grants to local organisations